Shaken by two winds,
quivers into the sea, the wave perturbed
and ‘the frightened steersman
already expects to fail.
From duty to love
fought this core
does not seem to resist and give in
and you begin to desperate.



Cruda sorte! Amor tiranno! Cruel fate! Tyrannical Cupid!
Questo æ il premio di mia fé: Is this the reward for my constancy?
Non v’è orror, terror, né affanno No horror, terror or anguish exists
Pari a quel ch’io provo in me. compared to that which I now suffer.
Per te solo, o mio Lindoro, For you alone, my Lindoro,
Io mi trovo in tal periglio. I find myself in such peril.
Da chi spero, oh Dio, consiglio? From whom, oh God, can I hope for counsel?
Chi confort mi dara? Who will give me comfort?
Qua ci vuol disinvoltura. Keeping cool is what’s wanted here,
Non più smanie, né paura; no more rages or terror:
Di coraggio è tempo adesso, now is the time for courage;
Or chi sono si vedrà. now they’ll see who I am.
Già so per pratica From experience I already
Qual sia l’effetto know the effect
D’un sguardo languido, of a languishing look,
D’un sospiretto… of a slight sigh…
So a domar gli uomini I know what to do
Come si fa. to tame men.
Sien dolci o ruvidi Be they gentle or rough,
Sien flemma o foco, cool or ardent,
Son tutti simili they’re all alike.
A presso a poco… more or less…
Tutti la chiedono, They all seek,
Tutti la bramano they all long for,
Da vada femmina from a pretty woman.
Felicità. happiness